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A Beckwood C-Frame (Gap Frame) Hydraulic Press

C-frame presses, also known as gap frame presses, offer 3-sided access to the working area to facilitate easy part loading and unloading as well as die maintenance. These machines are typically less expensive than other types of presses, making them an attractive option for small operations or those with limited budgets. While C-frame presses are ideal for light-duty applications, they often have a tendency to deflect or “yawn” under extreme forces. To overcome the deflection caused by high-tonnage applications, Beckwood often uses reinforced steel frames and/or gib-guided ram bolsters when designing these machines.

Available in vertical or horizontal configurations for added flexibility, C-frame presses are ideal for virtually any low-tonnage application. When placed in a horizontal configuration, a C-frame press is referred to as a bulldozer press. These machines can accommodate extremely long parts loaded from either side as well as any bending or straightening application.

For operations requiring high precision, accuracy, and cleanliness, a C-frame press with servo-electric actuation is the preferred choice.

Beckwood offers the following C-frame press types:

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VIDEO: See a 50-ton C-frame press in action

  • 75 Ton C-Frame Assembly Press, 75 ton hydraulic press for automotive parts
    75 Ton C-Frame Assembly Press

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