Beckwood understands the importance of quickly and cost-effectively sourcing replacement parts for critical-path equipment. That’s why we partner with top-tier suppliers and use high-quality, cataloged components. We also match our component part numbers to those of the original manufacturer, making it easy for you to get the parts you need. This philosophy ensures, whether you purchase replacement parts from us or directly from a supplier, you will get the parts you need as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

High-Quality Rubber Components

Beckwood is the only press manufacturer to engineer and build both rubber pad (Guerin Box) presses and sheet hydroforming presses, making us experts when it comes to sourcing high quality, long lasting rubber, neoprene, and urethane forming products.

From sheet hydroforming diaphragms (also known as bladders) to custom rubber pad boxes, Beckwood and Triform provide the strongest, most reliable rubber forming products on the market. We keep an extensive inventory of replacement rubber products including diaphragms, throw pads, wear pads, bladder protection pads and rubber pad boxes in stock at our factory in St. Louis, MO, so you never have to worry about losing valuable production time due to a rubber component. Beckwood rubber products are available in a range of durometers to accommodate forming thicker, stronger alloy parts. Our throw pads are available in standard lengths and widths and a variety of thicknesses.

Beckwood rubber products are non-marking to help eliminate marring of your parts, which reduces your post forming operations. The materials we use are also resistant to the deteriorating effects of the oils and lubricants commonly used in metal forming environments ensuring the longest life possible.

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