The Triform line of specialty forming equipment is manufactured by Beckwood and includes fluid cell and deep draw sheet hydroforming presses, stretch formers, joggle formers, and ring expanders. Together, these machines can outfit an entire aerospace manufacturing facility! In fact, Beckwood is the only OEM in the world able to provide such a diverse mix of forming technologies, making us the ideal single-source machinery supplier.

Trusted Beyond Aerospace

Due to the inexpensive tooling, forming accuracy, and intuitive controls, Triform sheet hydroforming equipment is trusted by experts from the automotive, medical, lighting, energy, and oil & gas industries as well for low-volume, high-mix part production.

Triform Competitive Advantages

  • Inexpensive, un-mated tooling
  • Accurate and repeatable forming
  • Reduced reliance on skilled labor
  • Complex, net-shape parts formed in a single cycle