Triform 42 inch Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming Press

The Triform line of specialized manufacturing equipment includes fluid cell and deep draw sheet hydroforming, stretch forming, joggle forming and ring expanders. These unique machines are capable of forming challenging geometries with relatively minimal, inexpensive tooling requirements.

Beckwood is the only OEM in the world able to provide such a diverse mix of forming technologies. This exclusive position makes us the ideal single-source manufacturing partner.

Triform manufacturing solutions are frequently used in the aerospace & defense industries where short-to-medium run part production is common. These machines are also optimal for job shops where tools may be changed multiple times every hour to accommodate high mix production.

Experts from the automotive, medical, lighting, energy, and oil & gas industries are also discovering the competitive advantages our precision forming solutions provide.

A few advantages of our Triform line of manufacturing equipment:

  • Inexpensive tooling
  • Reduced finishing work on parts
  • Decreased scrap rates
  • Less reliance on skilled labor