Why Choose a Custom Hydraulic Press?

Our custom hydraulic press manufacturing capabilities allow our customers to break free of the limitations that come with standard press models. A custom press engineered for your specific application should work more efficiently than a standard model, because it’s specifically designed for the task at hand. With higher efficiency and improved part production, custom press owners often see an accelerated return on investment throughout the life of the machine.

How Beckwood
Tackles Your Challenges

At Beckwood we are first and foremost an engineering company and have custom hydraulic press engineering down to a science. Our proven 4-step process is what guides us through designing, crafting, and refining the ideal press to tackle your forming challenges. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Beckwood to manufacture your custom hydraulic press.


The key to engineering a press that makes your life easier is understanding the source of your pain points. At Beckwood we take the time to understand every aspect of your forming challenges so we can bring our most effective and proven strategies to the table when designing your custom hydraulic press.


Once we know what your custom press needs to become a truly invaluable part of your arsenal, we begin designing your machine in 3 stages: structural, hydraulic, and electrical. An assigned project manager serves as a bridge between the engineering team and you, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Build & Test

After the design has been finalized, our manufacturing team gets to work bringing your custom press to life. We use premium materials sourced from our trusted supply chain to build your custom press right here in the USA. We put our design and craftsmanship to the test with duration testing at maximum capacity to make sure your new press will excel during your most demanding projects.

Deliver & Support

Finally, the most exciting part: your brand new custom hydraulic press gets delivered directly to your facility. A Beckwood expert will be on-site to supervise the assembly of your new equipment. Once the press has been put together and tested for performance, our engineer will guide your personnel through everything they need to know about operating and maintaining your machine. After installation and training are complete, the Beckwood team is always just a call away to provide support either via remote monitoring or in person.

Ready to work with the industry’s best?


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Play Video about deep draw

See a Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Press in Action

Check out the video below which highlights the unique features of a custom deep draw hydraulic press that we manufactured for Columbia Metal Spinning (CMS). In our test shown here, we form an aluminum sheet with a hemispherical die. At CMS, they are primarily using the press to form Inconel, aluminum, and brass nickel into hemispheres and flared tube ends. With a 54” x 54” forming area and a 120-ton hydraulic bed cushion, the new press expanded the job shop’s large-diameter draw forming capabilities.

Custom Press Success Stories

Your success story could be next.


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Custom Hydraulic Press Features

Beckwood hydraulic presses are designed with custom features to meet the needs of your specialty applications. From compression molding to forging and assembly to automation, your manufacturing processes can be enhanced with the right combination of our system capabilities. Here is some of the technology that we use to take your custom press capabilities to the next level:

Electric, oil or steam heated platens can be provided for hot forming capabilities. Whether it is just a few hundred degrees or 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, Beckwood has your hot press solution. For superplastic forming (SPF) applications, an argon gas management system can be added. Conversely, cooling platens or chill plates can also be integrated as needed.

Beckwood’s dynamic bed cushion controls allow for tonnage adjustments throughout the entire draw cycle, resulting in greater flexibility when it comes to varying raw material grades and inconsistencies. This provides higher part quality and minimal defects such as tears. Our custom presses can be equipped with dual or triple-action drawing as well.

Our active leveling control (ALC) technology works to actively maintain bed-to-ram parallelism to minimize the effects of off-center loading. High speed closed loop motion control and hydraulic servo components ensure performance for the most demanding custom applications.

For the ultimate efficiency in high-mix production, quick die change (QDC) systems empower operators to spend less time adjusting tooling and more time forming new parts.

Linear servo-electric actuation eliminates the use of hydraulic fluid entirely, making it the ideal technology to employ in today’s modern manufacturing applications.

There are many safety features baked into every Beckwood Press, but for added protection we also offer safety features like light curtains, physical guarding, a ram safety catcher system, and more.

Non-Traditional Custom Press Frame Styles

Our custom hydraulic press frames are available in the most common gib guided, 4-post, 2-post, and C-frame configurations- but what about cases where those frames just won’t cut it? Along with our standard frame styles we also offer a selection of totally customizable non-traditional hydraulic press frames for specialty applications. This is just a sample of what we can do.