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Hydraulic Stamping Press

High-Volume Stamping Presses

Stamping is a universal metalworking term that encompasses applications such as punching & blanking, embossing, perforating, coining & minting, and even general forming. Beckwood is a leading U.S. manufacturer of built-to-order hydraulic and servo-electric stamping presses. Because our stamping presses apply full tonnage throughout the stroke, they are more precise than mechanical presses.  Additionally, technologies like pre-fill valves and short-stroking can be used to increase speed during the cycle. Precision and programmability are vital to creating the most efficient stamping operation and protecting your tooling and machinery from unnecessary wear.

Challenges of Stamping Presses

One of the biggest challenges with any stamping press is the breakthrough shock and springback associated with stamping high-strength materials. Beckwood developed Active Leveling Control technology to counteract the effects of breakthrough shock, extend component life, improve uptime, and help you manufacture higher quality parts with less scrap.

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