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Beckwood LSP 250-ton press

Metal stamping presses, also known as metalforming presses or metalworking presses, use mated die sets to form, shape, mark, and cut metal. Stamping is a universal metalworking term that encompasses applications such as punching & blanking, embossing, perforating, coining & minting, and even general forming. Presses used to form metal often feature heated platens to increase the malleability of the materials being formed. Adding heat to a metal stamping operation also decreases the amount of force required by the press to create the finished part. This results in cost savings during the design process as well as improved die life.

Hydraulic presses and linear servo presses are ideal for metal stamping applications because they apply full tonnage throughout the entire stroke, not just at bottom dead center (BDC). This forming flexibility is particularly important when stamping high-strength metal alloys. Additionally, technologies like pre-fill valves and short-stroking can be used on hydraulic metalforming presses to increase speed during the cycle. Precision and programmability are vital to creating the most efficient stamping operation and protecting your tooling and machinery from unnecessary wear.

Challenges of Metal Stamping Presses

Three primary challenges of presses used for stamping are breakthrough shock, precision, and efficiency.

Breakthrough shock is a sudden release of force at the bottom of the stroke when the die breaks through the material. It is often characterized by a loud boom and/or vibration and can cause undue stress on the press and tooling.  Beckwood’s Active Leveling Control technology counteracts the effects of breakthrough shock and springback to extend tool life and protect the press frame.

Precision and efficiency are often common challenges because metal stamping is primarily performed on mechanical presses, which only reach full tonnage at the bottom of the stroke (BDC). That’s why Beckwood offers metalforming presses with servo-electric actuation. Servo-electric presses eliminate the crankshaft and flywheel and use electricity on-demand to create force at any point in the stroke. This added precision results in less scrap, energy cost savings, and improved part quality.

Alternates to Mechanical Stamping Presses

While mechanical stamping presses offer the highest speeds of any pressing method, they are somewhat limited in terms of forming flexibility and are prone to double-hitting and sticking at bottom dead center (BDC). To combat these challenges, Beckwood developed a new line of Linear Servo Presses which achieve full tonnage anywhere throughout the stroke. This eliminates BDC and offers unmatched forming flexibility at production-level speeds. Learn more about Linear Servo stamping presses.

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  • Beckwood LSP 250-ton press
    250 Ton Linear Servo Press for Stamping

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