Standard Servo Presses

Beckwood offers two standard servo press lines with the widest range of tonnages for any electro-mechanical press today: EVOx™ Servo-Electric Presses & LSP™ Linear Servo Presses. The EVOx™ line is ideal for light-duty, high-precision applications. With standard c-frame and 4-post servo press models ranging from 0.5 – 50 tons and custom offerings up to 200 tons, EVOx offers the the highest degree of positional repeatability (within ±0.0005″) while offering force and positional feedback at a rate of 1 sample per millisecond. The Beckwood LSP™ line uses patented gearbox technology to achieve the highest degree of forming flexibility at production-level speeds. With standard models ranging from 125 – 500 tons, Beckwood LSP™ offers the highest tonnage capacity of any electro-mechanical press available today.

Custom Servo Presses

If your press needs fall outside of our standard lines, we also offer fully custom servo presses up to 500 tons. Bed size, speed, tonnage, frame style, heating systems, and more can be tailored to your exact needs. You’ll also get the intuitive controls package that accompanies all of our servo press machines. Contact us for a custom quote today!

Servo Press Benefits

As manufacturing facilities and assembly plants continue to evolve and become more efficient, so does press technology.  Today, servo presses are becoming increasingly popular in both high-precision and more ‘traditional’ pressing applications alike. Here’s why:

  • Precision Forming – Servo presses offer the highest level of accuracy and precision of any press available.
  • Full Tonnage throughout the Stroke –  Servo presses can initiate maximum pressing force at any point throughout the stroke. This allows you to control several cycle parameters including travel distance, pressure, and return position.
  • Clean – Since servo presses run entirely on electricity, hydraulic fluid is required. Not only does this eliminate leaks and costly disposal fees, it ensures that cleanliness requirements are maintained for meticulous environments like labs and clean rooms.
  • Easy Maintenance – Without hydraulic systems or mechanical crankshafts and flywheels, servo presses require fewer components to achieve force. This makes them much easier to maintain and support than servo-mechanical presses or hydraulic presses. A Beckwood servo press can run millions of cycles before maintenance is ever required.
  • Energy Efficient – A large amount of electricity is required to power a hydraulic system, even when the press is idle. A servo press uses energy on-demand, yielding energy and cost savings of up to 70%.
  • Long Life – Using roller screw actuators ensures Beckwood servo presses last up to 15 times longer and achieve greater load capacity than ball screw servo presses.
  • Less Noise –  Motors and pumps that drive a hydraulic power unit can exceed 90 decibels. Eliminating the HPU and its components and only using power when the press is operating (on-demand), servo presses maintain a very low ambient noise level.