Explore Beckwood’s Servo-Electric Press Models

Beckwood’s EVOx™ line of servo-electric presses offers a high-efficiency, low-maintenance alternative to traditional hydraulic press systems while maintaining the accuracy and precision your application requires. With standard c-frame and 4-post models ranging from 2.5 to 50 tons, EVOx™ electric presses make low tonnage part formation and assembly easy.

How EVOx™ Elevates Precision Metal Forming

An EVOx™ servo-electric press uses a flexible programming system to guarantee positional repeatability. With the incredible positional accuracy of linear servo-electric actuation, EVOx™ can form parts to within a tolerance of ±0.0005″ while offering force and positional feedback at a rate of 1 sample per millisecond. No standard hydraulic press on today’s market can come close to competing with EVOx™’s high degree of precise repeatability, making it the best choice for your precision metal forming needs.

See for yourself how easy it is to guarantee precision with EVOx™’s servo-electric actuation, controlled through an easy to use touch-screen interface:

Servo Press Machine Enhancements

Beckwood offers a wide selection of upgrades and enhancements for our standard model hydraulic and servo presses alike. Options including actuator size, frame type, dwell time, heated platens, safety features, and more are fully configurable on these standard models to meet your operational needs.

An Electric Press for Any Job

No matter your application, a servo-electric press from Beckwood will provide the forming accuracy and repeatability you require. In addition to these low tonnage linear servo press machines, we also offer a standard line of electric presses from 125-500 tons. No other OEM offers a wider tonnage range on electric presses, so rest assured you’ll get the right servo press machine for the job when you choose Beckwood.

Custom EVOx™ Servo-Electric Presses

If your press needs fall outside of our standard line, we also offer fully custom servo-electric presses up to 500 tons. You’ll not only get the intuitive controls package that accompanies our linear servo press machines, but your bed size, tonnage, frame style, and more will be engineered to your exact specifications.

See a custom EVOx™ servo-electric press in action! The following video shows an electric, servo-driven press that was custom-engineered for high speed production in the automotive industry.

Servo-Electric Actuators Explained

Servo-electric presses use an all-electric linear actuation system in lieu of hydraulics or mechanical flywheels to precisely control the press ram throughout the entire stroke.

Unlike their hydraulic counterparts, linear servo-electric presses nearly eliminate the need for hoses, pumps, and most importantly, hydraulic oil. Removing hydraulic oil from press operations substantially improves workplace cleanliness, reduces part contamination, boosts energy efficiency, and increases operator safety- all while lowering operational and maintenance costs.

Our servo-electric presses feature top of the line roller screw actuators. These linear actuators have been studied to last up to 15 times longer and achieve greater load capacity than more commonly used ball screw servo actuators.

That’s just the beginning. If you want to know more about why servo-actuation is the best thing since hydraulics, click here to discover more about the benefits of servo presses.

What Makes Our Servo Presses Beckwood Tough?

At Beckwood we don’t compromise when it comes to personnel, engineering standards, or manufacturing processes, and our stringent quality requirements resonate throughout our supply chain. Utilizing an expansive network of trusted suppliers and distributors ensures that only the best components are sourced for every servo-driven press we build.

We use Six Sigma and 5S Lean Manufacturing Techniques to optimize our quality control process and improve the consistency, reliability, and efficiency of every electric press we build. Our Quality Management System allows us to measure process variations, develop new systematic procedures, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction with servo-electric presses that are built to last.

Our servo press machines aren’t just durable; they’re Beckwood Tough.

EVOx Spec Sheet