At Beckwood, quality is a way of life. Every employee takes pride in their work, upholds our strict quality standards, and stands behind our commitment to manufacturing presses that are “Built for you. Built to Last. Built in the USA.”

From structures engineered for Infinite Life to components sourced from industry-leading suppliers, Beckwood hydraulic presses exist to tackle the most demanding industrial applications. We understand the critical role our equipment plays in manufacturing operations around the globe which is why we consistently deliver the most reliable, highest-quality custom solutions. Our machines aren’t just durable. They’re Beckwood Tough.

Quality Isn’t Easy

Our passion for excellence drives the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System (QMS). We use Six Sigma techniques to optimize our quality control process and improve the consistency, reliability, and efficiency of every press we build. Our QMS allows us to measure process variations, develop new systematic procedures, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.

Our rigorous QMS spans all aspects of the design/build process. Every Beckwood project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager whose sole mission is to ensure the finished machine exceeds your expectations for quality and performance. We conduct strategic departmental reviews at various milestones throughout the project and use a strict traceability system to verify every component is manufactured to the proper specifications. Once the press is built, our extended duration testing mimics real-world conditions to evaluate the press’ maximum rated capacity in an effort to uncover any issues prior to shipment.

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