Beckwood’s custom draw forming press solutions are unparalleled. Our diverse experience engineering & manufacturing hydraulic deep draw presses for a variety of industries makes us a tremendous resource for manufacturers performing deep draw applications. From traditional sheet metal forming with mated die sets to sheet hydroforming with single tool technology, Beckwood has the experience and technologies to make your draw forming operation more capable and efficient.

Unique to our deep draw presses is the ability to dynamically control the bed cushion through four different travel zones. This allows you to specify your desired cushion force anywhere throughout the stroke to create and store intricate part recipes that are optimal for your forming operations. Additionally, we can work directly with your tooling supplier to ensure the press is optimized for your tooling.

Beckwood designs each draw press to maximize your specific application and offers a range of features to improve the overall process including:

  • Dynamically controlled bed cushions
  • Programmable ram speed
  • Ram and bed knockout / ejection options
  • Tool Change Systems
  • Recipe functionality
  • Triform’s Proprietary “In-Sight” feature for part development
  • Data Acquisition
  • PressLink Module for remote support
  • Pre-preventive Maintenance / OEE Systems
  • PAM-STAMP 3D Forming Simulation Software

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