What if you could predict when your machine needed maintenance? What if your equipment could alert you of a possible issue, before it occurs? What if you could schedule your press’ downtime? You can. The future of machine intelligence is here.

Beckwood’s proprietary Pre-Preventive Maintenance System uses closed-loop monitoring to measure component and system performance, evaluate critical application data, and notify the operator, maintenance crews, and designated individuals when attention is necessary. The easily configurable nature of Beckwood’s PPM system ensures your most critical data is collected, analyzed, and distributed quickly and accurately.

When the early signs of required maintenance arise, the press can intelligently pinpoint the affected component or system. The on-board diagnostic system then sends automatic notifications to the operator at the press (via on-screen alerts), and to the maintenance or management team (via email), providing information on the situation along with a recommended course of action.

This advance notice allows customers the ability to schedule machine downtime per their manufacturing schedules and current production requirements.

Monitoring What’s Important to You

Pump efficiency, safety system status, filter cleanliness, valve performance, and oil condition are just a few of the items that can be monitored via the PPM system.  In addition to the press components, PPM can also examine application-specific criteria to ensure the quality of your parts is maintained throughout the cycle. For example, operations requiring precise bed-to-ram parallelism can use the skew monitoring feature to notify users when parallelism falls outside of acceptable parameters, and presses featuring temperature-controlled platens can notify users when individual electric heating elements need to be serviced.

Safety First

To ensure press safety is maximized, PPM-integrated presses require operators to perform weekly safety checks to confirm all on-board safety devices are working properly. Through this quick-and-easy verification process, e-stop buttons, light curtains, interlock devices, and other integrated safety components are verified. Operators and management gain peace of mind knowing the components needed to facilitate safe working conditions are fully functional.

Automated Maintenance Scheduling

Beckwood’s PPM system also manages basic Preventive Maintenance tasks by tracking events outlined in our recommended PM schedule. When a task is due, the PPM system notifies the maintenance crew as well as Beckwood’s Service & Support Technicians.  Step-by-step instructions are displayed on the HMI, enabling your personnel to complete the required tasks. If your team encounters an issue while performing the maintenance, one of our service technicians can quickly access your machine via the PressLink remote support module, saving you time and travel costs associated with an on-site visit.

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