Every Beckwood and Triform press features our proprietary PressLink Remote Support Module which uses a standard internet connection to remotely join Beckwood technicians with the press in the field. If your press starts operating outside of the predetermined parameters, a Beckwood specialist can begin troubleshooting within minutes. Once connected to the machine, our technician will diagnose the issue and give your on-site representative step-by-step instructions on how to correct the situation, saving valuable time and money for everyone involved.

PressLink also expedites PLC & HMI program updates. Whether you want to add a non-standard button to your machine’s HMI display or revamp your entire programming sequence, our remote press support technology minimizes the amount of downtime required to perform valuable system upgrades.

In addition to remote support and program updates, the PressLink module can facilitate distance learning. Whether you have recently expanded your workforce or won a challenging forming contract, our technicians can bring your team up to speed without the added expense of an on-site visit. Learn about all of the training programs Beckwood offers.

With the inclusion of our PressLink Remote Support Module, everyone from the machine operator to the head of the operations team will enjoy less disruption to critical operations and benefit from the fastest factory service available. This and other advanced technologies from Beckwood (like our PPM system which uses integrated machine intelligence to monitor performance), provide customers a distinct and invaluable competitive advantage.

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