For applications requiring a controlled flow of the material, such as deep drawn parts or those with curved geometries which have the potential to wrinkle during the forming process, Triform Deep Draw presses are the ideal solution.

In the computer-controlled Deep Draw process, the downward-acting bladder primarily acts to hold the material during pressurization, as the tool is extended atop a hydraulic punch cylinder. This draws the material into the bladder and allows it to flow as needed.

Both the bladder pressure and punch position are tightly controlled (down to 1% of full scale and +/-0.002″ respectively) using Triform’s advanced controls and hydraulics system. Through the multi-level recipe program (up to 30 steps), operators can make fast, accurate adjustments, greatly improving and accelerating the part development process.

Triform’s proprietary”In-Sight” feature allows for visual inspection of the partially-formed part, mid-cycle, with the ability to abort or continue the cycle after inspection. This unique feature greatly facilitates new part development, decreasing scrap rates and the time to first article.

Through a simple deactivation of the punch cylinder, a Triform Deep Draw press can quickly transform into a Fluid Cell model. Either configuration results in significantly increased capability and capacity and a considerable decrease of the need for finishing hammers.

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