Beckwood’s ability to provide integrated automation solutions and ancillary equipment with our hydraulic and servo-electric presses allows you to work with a single-source supplier for all of your production line needs.  By minimizing sub-tier supplier issues, you can focus your attention on what matters most to you: production.

Our automation systems help customers exceed their production goals. From feed systems (including servo-feeds, payout reels, and straighteners) to quick die change systems, robotic machine tending, and shuttles, Beckwood can unify your entire operation with a single point of control. This streamlines diagnostic testing, troubleshooting, and reporting for the entire production cell. Beckwood Guide to Automation

Beckwood’s automation solutions include:

  • Feed Systems, Shuttles, & Conveyors
  • Pick-and-Place Equipment
  • Scrap Removal Systems
  • Robots & Cobots
  • Rotary Index Tables
  • Quick Die Change Systems
  • Automated Die Storage and Retrieval Solutions (ASRS)
  • Weighing & Dispensing Equipment
  • Part Certification / Data Acquisition Programming
  • And more!

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Learn how to cut die change-over time dramatically with an ASRS