Whether you are looking to add a single hydraulic assembly press or construct a fully automated assembly line, Beckwood is the optimal partner as America’s leading press manufacturer. From a simple riveting operation to a complex multi-press production cell, Beckwood’s assembly presses are engineered to maximize your application efficiency and increase your production.

Beckwood has experience building hydraulic presses for track pin assembly, bushing/bearing insertion, joining, fastening, riveting, crimping, motor and transformer stator core stacking, and more. We can also help you fully automate your line with integrated equipment including conveyors, tool storage and retrieval systems, and robotic automation.

Key features of a Beckwood assembly press can include:

In addition to our custom offerings, Beckwood offers a line of standard benchtop presses, ranging in tonnage from 3-40+ tons, which are economical solutions for many smaller, light-duty assembly applications.

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