Beckwood’s hydraulic and electro-mechanical punching and blanking presses are designed to increase productivity, improve process reliability and repeatability, and enhance the overall flexibility of your operation. Our exclusive punching and blanking technologies developed through our decades of experience bring you process advantages no competitive equipment can match.

For instance, one of the biggest issues with punching, stamping, and blanking applications is the breakthrough shock associated with high-strength materials. Beckwood’s proprietary Active Leveling Control (ALC) technology counteracts the effects of breakthrough shock by maintaining parallelism throughout the cycle. Using a high-speed motion controller to sense the acceleration of the ram during breakthrough, the ALC system adjusts the axis control valves and restrains the ram, minimizing breakthrough shock. Additionally, hydraulic shock dampers can absorb the shock energy without de-rating the press’ capacity or requiring additional tonnage. Using both ALC and shock dampers will extend your press’ component life and improve your overall uptime.

Whether you are stamping, blanking, embossing, scoring, trimming, or die cutting, Beckwood has the perfect punching solution for you.


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