The DJ series of benchtop presses from Beckwood are standardized for quick shipment and cost effectiveness yet can be customized for key process parameters including stroke, shut height, daylight, and speed. With c-frame models ranging from 3 to 55 tons and 10 different bed sizes, you’re sure to find the right press for your light-duty application. Additionally, a DJ benchtop hydraulic press will integrate seamlessly with ancillary equipment like coil feeders, robots, conveying systems and more.

Advantages of a Benchtop Hydraulic Press from Beckwood

  • Cost-effective
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Three-sided access to the operating area for easy die maintenance, part loading, and scrap removal
  • Backed by Beckwood’s factory-trained service & support team

For applications requiring increased accuracy, precision, and energy efficiency, Beckwood also offers a premium line of configurable, low-tonnage benchtop and floor-mounted servo-electric presses.

Consult a Beckwood engineer about your benchtop press needs