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Pioneering a New Pressing Method

Beckwood LSP™ is a high-end linear servo press line that uses patented gearbox technology to achieve the highest degree of forming flexibility at production-level speeds. With presses ranging from 125 – 500 tons, Beckwood LSP™ offers the highest tonnage capacity of any linear servo press available today. While some improvements have been made to hydraulic and mechanical presses over the last few decades to increase efficiency and precision, the technologies have remained relatively unchanged—until now.  High precision, uptime, reliability, and unmatched forming flexibility are pillars of this world-class press technology.

Linear Servo Press Uses

Linear servo presses are optimal for both servo-mechanical press applications and hydraulic press applications alike. This includes stamping of high-strength steels, complex draw forming, progressive die forming, assembly, and any application that requires high-precision and/or accuracy.

Benefits of a Linear Servo Press

  • Flexible Forming: Complex draw work and stamping high-strength alloys require tight process control.  With Beckwood LSP™, ram position, travel distance, and speeds can be easily programmed for maximum productivity. With instant feedback for diagnostics and data acquisition to record and measure torque, force, position, and time, no press offers more precision or better part quality.
  • Full Tonnage Throughout the Stroke: Unlike servo-mechanical presses, linear servo presses achieve full tonnage at any point in the stroke, so BDC and TDC are eliminated.  This also means we don’t de-rate tonnages for long draws or long strokes, and tooling can be designed to accommodate any shut height. Never over-buy on tonnage to compensate for BDC again!
  • Improved Die Handling: Because the linear servo actuators maintain extreme parallelism during each cycle, tooling last longer than with traditional pressing methods. Additionally, tonnage monitoring with overload protection is standard on every cycle, and die setup and changeover are simplified because a counterbalance system is not required.
  • Fewer Components=No Maintenance: Because this linear servo press line is fully electric, it doesn’t use crankshafts, flywheels, external lubrication systems, or hydraulic power units. This eliminates prolonged downtime, part contamination, and costly repairs. The simplified design results in up to 60%  fewer components on your BOM, easy set-up, and fast troubleshooting. Linear servo presses can run millions of cycles before maintenance is required.
  • Energy Efficiency: A large amount of electricity is required to power a hydraulic system, even when the press is idle.  Linear servo presses use energy on-demand, yielding energy and cost savings of up to 70% compared to hydraulic presses.
  • Low Noise Output: By eliminating the HPU and large crankshaft and only using energy on-demand, ambient noise levels are greatly reduced.

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Standard Linear Servo Presses

The Beckwood LSP™ product line features 8 standard models in an array of sizes, speeds, and tonnages. Refer to the chart below for our standard model specifications.

System Specs
Model #
Bed / Ram Size
Daylight / Stroke
Shut Height
Upper Die Weight
24" x 36"
24" / 24"
1,000 lbs
36" x 48"
36" / 24"
1,000 lbs
36" x 60"
36" / 24"
3,000 lbs
48" x 96"
48" / 36"
3,000 lbs
36" x 72"
36" / 24"
4,500 lbs
48" x 96"
48" / 36"
4,500 lbs
48" x 96"
48" / 36"
5,000 lbs
60" x 120"
60" / 36"
5,000 lbs
Speed Packages
Fast Approach / Retract (No Load)
Speeds (IPM)
Motor (KW)
Process Speeds
Speeds (IPM)
Motor (KW)
*No Fast Approach/Retract
Any configuration of No Load and Process speeds can be applied to any model.
Universal Specs
Rated Tonnage Point
Full Stroke - Unlimited
5 seconds
21" color touchscreen with Beckwood iFlex
*Alternate power configurations and infinite dwell capability available upon request.

Standard Features

  • 8-Point gib-guided unitized frame
  • Vibration dampening pads
  • T-slots
  • Data acquisition
  • Recipe handling (1,000 capacity)
  • 21” PC-based touchscreen
  • Beckwood’s iFlex Controls
  • Part quality monitoring
  • Built-in ram Active Level Control (250T+)
  • Overload protection


  • Light curtains & safety guarding
  • Additional speed configurations
  • Additional power configurations
  • Infinite dwell
  • Die protection
  • Custom die mounting provisions
  • Quick die change systems
  • Complete press customization

LSP™ vs. Servo-Mechanical Presses:

  • No crankshaft, flywheel, or recirculating lubrication system
  • Full tonnage throughout the stroke—no BDC
  • No derating tonnages for long draws or long strokes & no over-buying on tonnage to accommodate for loss above BDC
  • No scheduled maintenance for millions of cycles
  • No counterbalance system or EMS
  • Prolonged die life with overload protection
  • Easy die setup and changeover; tooling can accommodate any shut height
  • Tight process control for complex draw work
  • Minimized breakthrough & reverse tonnage shock
  • Easily create and edit motion profiles, changing speeds throughout the cycle if needed
  • Improved part quality and throughput
  • Readily available, small servo motors that are affordable with short lead times
  • Lower cost of acquisition

LSP™ vs. Hydraulic Presses:

  • No hoses, fittings, tanks, or hydraulic fluid
  • No part contamination & reduced scrap = higher throughput
  • High precision & force accuracy
  • Precision linear actuators provide superior rigidity
  • No scheduled maintenance for millions of cycles
  • Up to 70% less energy usage
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved safety by keeping facility floors oil-free
  • 60% fewer components on your BOM for easy setup and troubleshooting
  • Significantly lower noise output
  • Increased speed control flexibility
  • Multiple cylinder design controls press parallelism
  • Optional extended dwell capability for compression molding applications
  • Improved control over decompression shock when used with in-die nitrogen springs

Custom Presses & Retrofits

If your linear servo press needs fall outside of the Beckwood LSP™ line, we also offer fully custom options up to 500 tons. You’ll not only get the intuitive controls package that accompanies our LSP™ machines, but your bed size, tonnage, frame style, and more will be engineered to your exact specifications. If a new press isn’t in your budget at this time, we can also retrofit existing presses with our patented linear servo actuation system to achieve all of the benefits listed above at a fraction of the cost. Contact us for a custom quote today!

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