As manufacturing technology continually advances, so do production expectations. Beckwood understands the requirements of today’s 24-7 manufacturing environments, and we strive to ensure our machines are not only capable of meeting today‚Äôs challenges but the challenges of tomorrow as well. Below are a few of the press technologies Beckwood uses to ensure your equipment is ready for the future.

  • Dynamic Bed Cushion

    A bed cushion is commonly required in draw-forming applications to apply resistance force when pushed upon. Beckwood's dynamic bed cushion control allows operators to adjust the tonnage of the cushion at any point throughout the stroke to eliminate wrinkling and tearing. Read More

  • Active Leveling Control

    Active Leveling Control (ALC) is a unique option available on Beckwood hydraulic presses that uses closed-loop control to maintain bed-to-ram parallelism and reduce snap through shock during the cycle. Presses equipped with... Read More

  • Advantages of Triform Sheet Hydroforming Technology

    Triforms are the only sheet hydroforming presses engineered and manufactured in the USA. With that American quality comes innovation, efficiencies and simplicity no other manufacturer can offer. Inexpensive bladder changes, proprietary technology allowing you to pause forming, and remote diagnostics and support are just a few of the Triform advantages. Read More

  • Rapid Part Development Technology

    The ability to react quickly to new part orders or new product development efforts is paramount in today's manufacturing world. Beckwood offers a suite of distinct, yet related, technologies which serve low volume / high mix forming operations, research & development groups and LEAN manufacturers alike. Read More

  • Quick Die Change Systems

    Quick Die Change systems are one of the most widely recognized lean manufacturing methods of productivity improvement available today. They are becoming increasingly more popular due to the rapid return-on-investment and relatively simple implementation. Though simple to implement, the decision to choose a system can be complicated. Read More

  • Press Brake vs. Sheet Hydroforming

    Triform sheet hydroforming presses are able to form the same bends and angles as press brakes, but with a single unmatched tool, in a single process, taking only seconds, and requiring very little operator training. Our intuitive controls and user-friendly interface reduce the reliance on skilled labor and offer users more capability than they ever thought possible. Read More

  • Energy Efficient Press Technologies

    Beckwood Press designs our machines for ultimate sustainability, and we strive to implement only the most energy efficient components. We typically include energy efficient technologies such as variable frequency drive motors, pneumatic dwell capabilities, and soft starters... Read More

  • Press Safety Systems

    The safety of operators, maintenance workers and general personnel is of utmost importance in every hydraulic press design we engineer. Learn about some of the leading edge safety technology Beckwood incorporates into our hydraulic press designs. Read More