There are advantages associated with the sheet hydroforming process in general, and others specifically unique to Triform’s sheet hydroforming presses.

Triforms are the only sheet hydroforming presses engineered and manufactured in the USA. With that American quality comes innovation, efficiencies, and simplicity no other manufacturer can offer.



  • Fast, Inexpensive Bladder Changes & Press Maintenance -Triform presses are designed for fast, inexpensive bladder changes and easy-to-perform maintenance. One of the primary reasons we created the Triform product line was to combat the substantial inconvenience (in terms of expense and extended downtime) associated with existing sheet hydroforming bladder changes. Triform press systems facilitate fast, simple and inexpensive bladder changes to increase up-time and minimize overall costs. Bladder changes take approximately 30 minutes for smaller presses, 3-4 hours for larger presses, and can be performed by a team of 1-3 people.
  • High-Performance Bladder Materials – Triform’s high-performance neoprene and urethane bladders provide ultimate durability and performance. They also allow for the use of standard, petroleum-based hydraulic fluids (46-weight hydraulic oil) and lubricants both within the hydraulic circuit and on the tooling and blanks within the chamber area. This is in stark contrast to bladders made from natural rubber, which require castor oil-based fluids because they tend to break down when exposed to petroleum-based products. Castor oil-based fluids often require specialized pumps, valves, and other hydraulic components which may have long lead times and high prices, and castor oil itself can exhibit extreme viscosity variances over wide temperature ranges causing cavitation issues within the system.
  • High-Quality, Standard Components with World-Wide Availability – Components used on all Triform presses are, wherever possible, standard ‘catalogued’ components, available world-wide from local suppliers. Triform customers do not have to fear the extended down-time associated with custom-made components, specific to their individual sheet hydroforming presses and available only through the press manufacturer. Additionally, part numbers supplied with the parts list match those of the original component manufacturer, allowing Triform customers to source replacements through us or directly from their local suppliers.

Proprietary Solutions

  • Intuitive Controls – Triform has located the perfect balance between advanced control capabilities and an easy-to-use interface. The result is a press system which doesn’t require an experienced engineer for operation yet offers engineers more capability than they ever thought possible. The accuracy and repeatability inherent in the Triform system dramatically minimizes the need for expensive and hard-to-find skilled labor and can eliminate the manual hammering so common in metal forming facilities.
  • Unique “In-Sight” Feature – With Triform’s unique “In-Sight” feature, operators have the ability to pause the cycle and open the chamber to visually inspect the partially formed part. Depending on the visual inspection results, the operator has the option of either continuing the cycle or aborting in order to modify the recipe. This “In-Sight” greatly expedites the new part development process, saving valuable time and money while reducing scrap.
  • Elimination of Significant Foundation/Installation Requirements – Triform’s advanced engineering and unique pressure containment systems allow for significantly reduced press size and weight without sacrificing structural integrity or durability. The majority of Triform models require no special ceiling heights or expensive pits / special foundations (flush floor design). Small – medium size Triform presses have even been used in cellular environments in which the Triform presses, themselves, were moved to maximize efficiency. This portability is in stark contrast to other hydroforming presses, which due to the size, weight and need for expensive pits and foundations, have been termed ‘monuments.’

Knowledge and Support

  • Industry Leading After-Sale Service and Support – Triform’s are engineered, built, and serviced by Beckwood. Consequently, the Triform Service & Support team has decades of experience and is available to assist customers beyond implementation. Triform prides itself on our service and support offerings, including our team of experienced service technicians.
  • Remote Support – Technical assistance is readily available through PressLink remote support connectivity which allows Triform engineers to access the press systems remotely for diagnostics and program updates regardless of where the press is located. On-board diagnostic tools facilitate troubleshooting and can include a health monitoring system for notifying the customer’s maintenance crew if/when certain performance parameters fall below acceptable levels (example: oil health). Additionally, our team is available for on-site assistance whenever and wherever we’re needed.
  • Process/Application Knowledge Industry Leaders – The Triform team features a deep reservoir of knowledge regarding not only the sheet hydroforming process, but part manufacturing in general. This knowledge, gained through hard work over many decades, will accelerate your path to success. Our knowledge of quoting, product & project management, part development, and secondary operations & equipment gives our customers a major advantage.
  • Strategic Partnerships Offer Key Competitive Advantages – Triform strategically situates itself on the leading edge of technology, partnering with suppliers of the latest manufacturing innovations in order to better help our customers gain a competitive advantage. Our unique position within the world of manufacturing, and the resulting partnerships we’ve formed, is meant to serve a single purpose: To create an accelerated pathway to success for Triform customers.

Stronger Investment

  • Single Source for Comprehensive Forming Solutions – The Triform line of specialized manufacturing equipment includes fluid cell and deep draw sheet hydroforming presses as well as stretch formingjoggle forming and ring expanders. These unique machines are capable of forming challenging geometries with relatively minimal, inexpensive tooling requirements. Beckwood is the only OEM in the world able to provide such a diverse mix of forming technologies. Consequently, Triform customers are in a unique position to maximize their investment and receive the most forming capacity for their budget.
  • More Economical than the Competition – For nearly the same price as a single, high-pressure press and its tooling, Triform customers have the option to purchase a ‘package’ of specialty forming presses to maximize their facility’s capabilities. Frequently, the difference between a part formed at 5,000 PSI and one formed at 10,000 PSI is not great enough to warrant the substantial increase in machine price, and the money saved by investing in a 5,000 PSI machine could be invested to dramatically increase capabilities via a 10,000 PSI Deep Draw Triform. This type of ‘multiple machine packaging’ gives our customers the ability to form parts with the correct process, resulting in improved quality. It also gives customers the ability to form new product types that were not possible to successfully form prior to the implementation of the multiple machine package.