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Triform Joggle Presses can come hot or cold

What is Joggle Forming

Joggle forming presses create multiple bends on sheet metal simultaneously. Often, these bends are in opposite directions and less than 90°. A joggle press works by clamping sheet metal between two dies and applying pressure to create a joggle joint. The top die is typically shaped like a “V” or “U” to create the bend, while the bottom die is usually flat. When the press applies pressure to the sheet metal, the top die pushes down to create a bend at the point where it contacts the sheet metal. The joggle forming process can be performed cold, however, adding heat is common when working with tougher metal alloys such as titanium.

Precision is paramount in the joggle forming process due to the highly-precise angles required when forming aerospace parts. 

Joggle Press Uses

Joggle presses are commonly used where strong and secure connections are essential for safety and reliability. This includes:

  • Aircraft skins and panels on wings, fuselages, firewall assemblies, and other components
  • Automotive body panels to counteract vibration and deformation
  • Electrical enclosures, server racks, control panels, and other types of cabinets
  • HVAC ductwork for a leak-free connection that ensures efficient airflow

Forming these parts without a joggle press is cumbersome and can result in material waste and extra expense.

Triform Joggle Press Advantages

Triform’s custom joggle forming presses deliver:

  • Unmatched accuracy, bending power, and precision heating capacity resulting less waste and faster part turnaround
  • Minimized material thinning and stress points compared to traditional rolling and machining methods
  • The ability to combine multiple forming steps into a single action and reduce reliance on skilled labor
  • Increased accuracy and repeatability with user-friendly controls
  • An electrically-heated lower platen, using cartridge heaters, and thermocouples

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