When faced with demanding bending and straightening applications, Beckwood’s side-acting bulldozer presses offer unmatched strength and durability. Regardless of whether you are bending or straightening large sections of steel alloy I-beams for the railroad industry, high strength alloys for aerospace parts, or rugged chassis for off-road vehicles, Beckwood has the solution. Our customized horizontal bulldozer presses are built for the specific tonnage, ram/bed size, speed and control sophistication your application requires.

Like all Beckwood Presses, our bulldozers offer unmatched durability and are engineered for Infinite Life. Our side-acting presses typically feature self-lubricating gib-guidance systems for extreme bed-to-ram parallelism. These machines are often equipped with quick die change systems for easily releasing and clamping tools, table extensions to accommodate larger parts, and our proprietary PressLink system for remote factory support.

Learn about other bending and straightening machines such as stretch formers, ring expanders, general forming presses, and our simple to operate, low tooling cost alternative to press brakes: fluid cell sheet hydroforming presses.  

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