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Horizontal presses for bending and straightening are often characterized by their side-acting C-frame configuration, however, they can also be 4-post or 2-post designs in some instances. The design is driven by the press’s purpose: bending (or straightening) elongated stocks that are easier to load and unload horizontally. This includes I-beams for the railroad industry, alloys for aerospace parts, and chassis for off-road vehicles. Horizontal presses almost always have gib-guided rams to ensure maximum parallelism throughout the cycle despite off-center loading.

When faced with demanding bending and straightening applications, Beckwood’s side-acting bulldozer presses offer unmatched strength and durability. These robust presses are built for the specific tonnage, ram/bed size, speed, and control sophistication your application requires.

See a bending press in action

Common Features on Beckwood Presses:

  • Heavy-duty box beam design for superior rigidity and modular tie rod assembly utilizing pre-tensioning nuts for optimum performance
  • Fully adjustable Parker cylinders with full-rated tonnage throughout the stroke
  • PressLink Remote Support module for complementary diagnostics & troubleshooting
  • Dual linear and pressure transducers in the main ram cylinders for optimal reliability and redundancy
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC, programmable control system with touch screen HMI and Recipe Functionality
  • Structure designed for Infinite Life in accordance with rigorous simulation analysis through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) design testing
  • Backed by Beckwood’s industry-leading dedicated service and support team

Learn about this 460-ton horizontal press

  • Hydraulic Bulldozer Press for Bending and Straightening
    460 Ton Gib-Guided Bulldozer Bending Press


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