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Beckwood 2 post press

2-Post Hydraulic Press Configuration

Two-post hydraulic presses, also known as two-column hydraulic presses, are characterized by the two guideposts on the centerline. These posts are positioned to the left and right of the forming area to offer guidance to the ram.

The shallow press bed is well suited for jobs being done on a press brake with traditional tools for forming, punching, and shaping long, narrow parts.

Two-post presses are an economical choice for applications requiring less than 500 tons of force and a forming area shallower than 24 inches.

Rigid Construction of 2-Post Hydraulic Presses

These machines are composed of a crown weldment, ram weldment, and bed weldment joined together by the posts on either side. Hydraulic systems can be crown-mounted in certain instances but are often skid-mounted on the floor due to the limited space above the crown.

If loading from the sides is not required, Beckwood’s 2-post presses are a great alternative to C-frame presses as they require less frame steel to counteract the yawning that can occur with traditional C-frame presses. Additionally, the enhanced ram guidance offered by 2 posts provides for a more precise and linear die alignment when compared to C-frame presses.

2-Post Linear Servo Presses

For increased efficiency and precision, Beckwood is capable of upgrading your 2-post hydraulic press to one that instead uses servo-electric actuation.

Servo-electric actuation can provide a host of many benefits for applications of all kinds. Servo-electric presses are known to boost performance, increase part quality, create an easy user experience, minimize maintenance, and lower operating costs due to energy efficiencies. Servo-electric presses also reduce the carbon footprint associated with both construction and press operation. Whether your work setting is a large-scale manufacturing plant or a small job shop, a servo-electric actuated 2-post press can help ramp up your production.

You can learn more about the benefits of servo-electric actuation here.

If you already have a 2-post hydraulic press and are interested in converting it to a servo-actuated unit, you can read more about our hydraulic press retrofits here as well.

2-Post Hydraulic Press Applications

Beckwood’s hydraulic presses can deliver high performance across a variety of industries, and our 2-post presses are no exception to that. Here are just a few industries where our hydraulic presses excel:

To give you a better idea of what our 2-post hydraulic presses are capable of, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite examples of custom configurations that Beckwood has delivered to real clients like you.

Custom 2-Post Hydraulic Presses

Our 2-post hydraulic presses have been a popular option for custom configurations due to their cost-effectiveness and robust construction. These are just a few custom Beckwood hydraulic presses that use a 2-post frame:

100 Ton Clamping 2-Post Hydraulic Press

100 Ton 2-Post Clamping Press, 100 ton heated clamping press, 100 ton assembly press, 100 ton compression molding press

This clamping press was designed for assembly operations for parts to be used in the aerospace industry. Our client opted for a 2-post hydraulic press as a cost-effective solution for their assembly needs. This press was outfitted with multi-zone heated platens for ultimate temperature uniformity and spring-loaded die rollers for front and rear die loading and unloading.

125 Ton Punching 2-Post Hydraulic Press

Beckwood 2 post press

  This custom 2-post hydraulic press was engineered to fabricate blades for machinery in the agriculture industry. Along with the hydraulic press itself, Beckwood was able to provide this client with a unique set of tooling for forming their unique machine blades. This press is equipped with a foot pedal actuator for easy hands-free operation as an added safety measure when forming sharp parts.

125 Ton Embossing 2-Post Hydraulic Press

125 Ton 2-Post Embossing Hydraulic Press for automotive, includes fast approach and retract modes, a bed extension for die removal

This custom Beckwood press was created to emboss logos onto mufflers in the automotive industry. For superior rigidity, our customer opted for oversized ram guide bushings to combat the negative effects of off-center loading. In addition, this press was equipped with a regeneration circuit to expedite the hydraulic press cycle and a bed extension to increase operator access for die removal, servo feed, and shear mounting operations.

See a Custom 2-Post Hydraulic Press in Action

Check out the video below which highlights the forming cycle of a custom Beckwood press. This 2-post hydraulic press was built for reaction injection molding with a special 90 degree tilting base and horizontal rotation system, demonstrating the incredible versatility that even our most simple 2-post hydraulic presses can offer.

This 2-post hydraulic press implements the following custom features to suit reaction injection molding applications:

  • (2) 5” diameter chrome housing posts with graphite impregnated bronze bushings for superior ram guidance and rigidity
  • Hydraulic tilting system allows 90-deg. range of motion, with bed and ram bolsters perpendicular to the ground
  • Horizontal rotation system with locking pins every 5-deg.
  • Part ejection system with 10,000-lb pull capacity
  • Skid mounted power system and reservoir
  • Calculated Ram Speeds: Pressing: 88 IPM; Return: 181 IPM

If you think a 2-post hydraulic press would be right for your manufacturing and assembly needs, reach out to Beckwood today! Consult a Beckwood Engineer about your press needs.

  • 125 Ton 2-Post Embossing Hydraulic Press for automotive, includes fast approach and retract modes, a bed extension for die removal
    125 Ton 2-Post Press for Embossing


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