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Whether you’re performing traditional injection molding or reaction injection molding (RIM), Beckwood’s hydraulic and servo-electric injection molding presses offer accuracy and precision no competitor can match.

Using the press’ fully-programmable controls system to collect, measure, and analyze various cycle parameters, you can save and recall optimal part recipes with ease. Additionally, Beckwood uses multiple electric heating rods within each platen to create heating “zones” which can be adjusted independently or together depending on the type of material being injected.

Advantages of Beckwood Injection Molding Machines:

  • Customizable plunger ram & bore cylinder sizes
  • Swivel and tilt capabilities ensure even application of injected material & reduce air pockets
  • Optional dispensing systems and automation equipment can be integrated into a turnkey package
  • Optional booking ram for easy die maintenance and part extraction
  • Capable of traditional injection molding, RIM, SRIM, and RRIM
  • Multi-zone heated platens for ultimate temperature uniformity
  • Press frame built for Infinite Life™

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Learn more about Injection Molding/RIM and other hydraulic press applications in our Hydraulic Press Handbook.

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