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Beckwood Builds Hydraulic Forging Presses - Hot or Cold for Open or Closed Die Forging

From hot and cold forging to open and closed die forging and more, Beckwood can design custom hydraulic forging presses to meet your specific application needs. Forging is one of the world’s earliest metalworking applications.  Historically performed by blacksmiths using a hammer and anvil, forging has evolved into a process that now uses modern forming equipment resulting in superior part quality and higher production rates.  Due to the application’s versatility, forging presses are often a great choice for operations requiring superior part strength, custom shapes and sizes, or unique performance specifications.

Two of the most common types of forging are open die and closed die forging.  Open die forging typically requires the part to be heated.  The part is deformed between multiple dies or tools, which do not fully enclose the part.

In closed die forging applications, there is no “flash” formed and the workpiece is surrounded entirely by the tool or dies.  Material volume control is crucial in closed die forming applications in order to achieve the desired forging geometry and dimensions.

Consult a Beckwood engineer about your forging press needs