The value of our support begins as soon as you consider purchasing a Beckwood press and stretches well beyond service and parts. Our experienced team members put their knowledge and problem-solving skills to work for you from the beginning. Complimentary forming consultation services are part of our quoting process, and after the sale, we offer press operator training, maintenance personnel training, and formation software training.

Training Services

Beckwood’s variety of training options are designed to help you maximize the use of your equipment and improve your overall manufacturing processes. When you choose Beckwood you expedite your learning curve by leveraging the knowledge of an Applications Engineer who is intimately familiar with manufacturing processes and how to optimize our equipment.

With a Beckwood training program, your maintenance crews will learn how to increase the life span of their press from Beckwood’s expert service technicians, and press operators master the intricacies of the control system. HMI training, including specific instruction on recipe handling, on-board diagnostic systems, and other custom features also serve as a valuable long-term investment.

Whether it’s in your facility or at our Advanced Technology Center, we can design a course exclusively for your machine and forming operations. Newly added staff, evolving process variables, or challenging forming contracts could all result in the need for additional training. No matter the reason, Beckwood is ready to help.

Forming Consultation

Designing parts for optimal formability is the key to achieving consistent quality and cost-effective production.  By predicting the forming characteristics of a part early in the design process, you will reduce engineering time and minimize project delays. With Beckwood, initial forming consultation is complimentary and intended to offer preliminary feedback on part formability and equipment recommendations. Beyond the initial consultation, our Applications Engineers offer 3D forming simulations, tooling and blank development guidance, forming process optimization advice, and more.

Process Improvement Consultation

Beckwood’s experienced team of Process Engineers can identify and develop strategies to improve your project workflow. By using our Six Sigma knowledge to study the total process, we are able to evaluate areas needing improvement and provide recommendations designed to increase throughput and achieve your lean manufacturing goals. Our process improvement guidance will increase your profitability and simplify your manufacturing operations.

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