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Whether your specialized application requires a triple-action press for tank head forming, a double-acting press to set the cavity depth for powder compaction, or side-acting press for pressure brazing, Beckwood has a multi-action press solution for you.

Our multi-action presses are designed, built, and programmed around your specific requirements, ensuring your press will provide maximum value and productivity to your manufacturing operation. By combining multiple actions into a single machine, you will improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce your production footprint, and ultimately increase your profitability.

The most common multi-action press is triple-action although double-action presses exist too. Triple-action presses are used for shallow draw forming and consist of a punch or forming tool on the main ram, a clamp ram in the middle, and a knockout cylinder and/or bed cushion on the bottom. The clamp ram contacts the blank and is engaged throughout the forming process to control material flow, reducing wrinkles within the part. The clamp ram also features individual tonnage control on each cylinder. For example, if you want one corner of a sheet to flow inward more rapidly, you can reduce tonnage on that cylinder, while increasing tonnage on the other side to provide more holding force.

Unique to all Beckwood multi-action presses is the ability of the lower ram to serve either as a knockout for part ejection or as a cushion, depending on tooling requirements. Proportional control valves regulate the bed cushion, enabling dynamic control through four different travel zones. Through the press’ HMI and recipe settings, you can specify a desired bed cushion force at any position within each zone for ultimate control during complex draw forming operations.

Multi-action presses are ideal for:

  • Tank head forming
  • Deep drawing
  • Fineblanking
  • Powder compacting
  • Bulge Forming
  • Track pin assembly
  • And more

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  • Hydraulic Press - Triple Action - Deep Draw Press
    1000 Ton 4-Post Multi-Action Draw Press


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