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30-ton 4-post powder compacting press 699

Custom Powder Compacting Presses

Beckwood’s custom powder compacting presses offer unmatched precision and flexibility to accommodate all types of powder including metal, ceramic, composite, and even PTFE. To facilitate sintering and improve overall part strength, heated platens with precise temperature control can be included. Fully automated powder compacting systems, complete with weighing, dispensing, and leveling features, are also available for manufacturers looking to remove the guesswork from the powder compacting process.

Whether you’re forming brake pads for the automotive industry or O-rings and gaskets for an aircraft, a multi-action press from Beckwood is ready for the job.

We also offer the following options on any powder compacting press:

  • Automated powder weighing, filling, and leveling stations
  • Powder shoes & hoppers
  • Single- or multi-axis bed shuttles
  • Multi-zone heated platens
  • High-speed motion controllers
  • Neoprene or nylon cylinder bellows
  • Go / No-Go functionality for part traceability
  • Vibration dampening pads

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Learn more about Powder Compacting, Ceramics forming, and more in our Hydraulic Press Handbook.

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