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Powder compacting is a compression molding process used in ceramics, pharmaceuticals, construction, brick-making and other industries to form complex shapes from metallic, ceramic, composite, PTFE, and other powder compounds. Hydraulic powder compacting presses are commonly multi-action, allowing operators to set fill heights via the lower or middle cavity while also providing uniform compaction density. With a triple action design, for example, the main ram applies downward force to the powder, a middle “cavity” ram sets the fill depth, and a lower “knockout” cylinder ejects the finished parts.

The biggest advantage of using a hydraulic press for powder compacting is the flexibility inherent to hydraulic systems. This allows for the application of very high forces over a small working area, which is commonly the case in powder compacting applications.

Custom Powder Compacting Presses

Beckwood’s custom powder compacting presses offer unmatched precision and flexibility to accommodate all types of powder. To facilitate sintering and improve overall part strength, heated platens with precise temperature control can be included. Fully automated powder compacting systems, complete with weighing, dispensing, and leveling features, are also available for manufacturers looking to remove the guesswork from the powder compacting process.

Whether you’re forming brake pads for the automotive industry or O-rings and gaskets for an aircraft, a multi-action powder compacting press from Beckwood is ready for the job.

We also offer the following options on any powder compacting press:

  • Automated powder weighing, filling, and leveling stations
  • Powder shoes & hoppers
  • Single- or multi-axis bed shuttles
  • Multi-zone heated platens
  • High-speed motion controllers
  • Neoprene or nylon cylinder bellows
  • Go / No-Go functionality for part traceability
  • Vibration dampening pads
  • Explosion-proof components
  • 1200 Ton 4-Post Powder Compacting Hydraulic Press with ram safety catcher, and part ejection system
    1200 Ton 4-Post Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press


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