Quick Facts
Type of PressHydraulic Deep Draw 4 Post Press
Tonnage500 Tons
IndustryAerospace, Safety
Special FeaturesProgrammable Bed Cushion
Knockout Cylinder
Variable Frequency Drive
Fluid Health Monitoring
Recipe Handling
ChallengePrecisely control cycle parameters.
SolutionThrough the easy-to-use HMI, operators can program machine operating parameters such as ram approach speed, force, hold time and ram-retract speed and save the part “recipes” for future use.
ChallengeImprove energy efficiency.
SolutionA Parker Hannifin Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) installed on the hydraulic pump allows the frequency and voltage supplied to an electric motor to vary based on the requirements of the press load. Energy savings is available due to a hydraulic circuit which draws energy ‘on demand’ as opposed to the constant demand associated with traditional hydraulic circuits.
ChallengeImprove up-time and reliability.
SolutionAn onboard press-health monitoring system actively monitors the hydraulic fluid in the press to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Beckwood’s proprietary PressLink module allows Beckwood engineers to connect remotely to the press, facilitating offsite troubleshooting which saves time and money. It also allows for the remote installation of program updates and operator training without the expense and time associated with on-site visits.
ResultsMeggitt is now using their new Beckwood press to take on their entire deep-drawn family of parts. With the increased capabilities offered by their Beckwood press, Meggitt’s deep drawing capabilities are no longer a concern as they push their product lines into the future.


California-based Meggitt Safety Systems manufactures fire protection equipment, safety apparatuses and other heat related sensors for the aerospace industry. While Meggitt’s product lines continually advanced, their aging 1963 hydraulic press was stuck in a bygone era. They needed a modern press that was more energy-efficient, could offer precise control of the cycle parameters and create and store part “recipes”.

Beckwood Hydraulic Deep Draw Press for Meggitt Safety SystemsBeckwood Press Company helped analyze Meggitt’s needs and proposed a 500-ton, 36” x 36” deep draw hydraulic press. This custom press not only met all of their needs but offered a programmable bed cushion providing dynamic control through four different zones of travel. It also included an intuitive HMI to make operation a breeze.

With Meggitt’s business constantly expanding, reliability was paramount. Beckwood incorporated several uptimefocused features including an on-board diagnostics and press health monitoring system and a PressLink connectivity device which allows Beckwood engineers to remotely connect to the press to install program updates and provide troubleshooting assistance.

Meggitt is now using their Beckwood press to form their entire line of deepdrawn parts. With the flexibility offered by the press, Meggitt’s deep drawing capabilities are no longer a concern as they push their product lines into the future. When asked how the increased capability & flexibility has affected Meggitt’s business, John Krochmal commented, “This is not just a hydraulic press, it is a complete forming solution.”


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