Quick Facts
Type of PressTriple-Action Deep Draw Press
Tonnage800 Tons
IndustryAerospace, Job Shop
Special FeaturesProgrammable Bed Cushion
Multi-ram Configuration
8-point gib guidance system
ChallengeDesign a machine to accommodate complex part geometries and frequent off-center loading.
SolutionThe press’ 8-point gib-guided system uses self-lubricating, graphite-impregnated bronze wear strips to provide the most precise level of ram guidance. Additionally, gib-guided presses have very tight clearances and are fully adjustable left-to-right as well as front-to-back, providing the ultimate resistance to lateral slide motion.
ChallengeImprove cycle times through programmable controls.
SolutionUnlike their previous triple-action presses, this press uses a programmable PLC. Operators can simply enter a job number, push the ‘start-cycle’ button and begin producing consistent, repeatable parts in a matter of minutes. Upgrading to programmable controls is a great long-term solution for Weldmac because it reduces their reliance on skilled operators and enhances part quality.
ResultsAt double the tonnage of their other triple-action presses and with a 6‘x7’ bed size and programmamble controls, Weldmac has increased capabilities by 60-70%.

Established in 1968, Weldmac Manufacturing is a job shop that offers laser cutting and welding for stainless, aluminum, titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy and other alloys as well as machining, press-brake forming, hydroforming, and spinning.

Their latest machinery purchase, a custom 800-ton triple-action hydraulic press from Beckwood, supplements their existing 150 and 450-ton triple-action presses.

“At double the tonnage of our other triple-action presses and with a larger bed size, we’ve already increased capabilities by 50%,” said Weldmac president, Marshall Rugg. “Ease of use due to programmability should push capabilities to a 60-70% increase. Operator capability enters into it, but the controls on this press only will make jobs easier for a good manual-press operator.”

The triple-action press consists of a punch or forming tool on the main draw ram, a clamp ram in the middle, and a knockout cylinder and/or bed cushion on the bottom. The clamp ram, which offers individual tonnage control on each cylinder, is engaged throughout the forming process to control material flow and reduce wrinkling and tearing within the part. By giving operators the ability control material flow, they achieve greater success in forming parts.

Proportional control valves regulate the bed cushion, enabling dynamic control through four different travel zones. Through the press’ HMI and recipe settings, the operator can specify a desired bed cushion force at any position within each zone.

“We excel at building complex components and assemblies, and that work continues to increase,” says Rugg. We’ve added customers that usually come to us with one problematic part or assembly, and that leads to more business. When we do a good job, a new customer looks to give us more things to do. New press capacity and capability helps us handle that.”

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