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Bulge Forming Rupture Discs -Fike Corporation

With a relationship over a decade strong, Bill Schwagerman, Senior Project Manager- Engineering, of Fike Corporation says: "We're now engaging with a younger generation at Beckwood. It not only feels like the work ethic and quality of technology has been passed down, but we also see them pushing the technology into new territory. As a result, their equipment continues to align with our needs.” Read More

Hydraulic Multi-Action Deep Draw Press -Meggitt Safety Systems

“Having the strength of Beckwood at our backs, through their proactive support efforts and dedicated service technicians, provided the level of comfort we needed to make this project work. This is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a complete forming solution.” -John Krochmal, Meggitt Safety Systems Read More

Multi-Ram Press Consolidates Manufacturing Processes – Osmundson Manufacturing

“The size and configuration of the press require less steps and less motion from the operators. The machine’s small size means an operator doesn't have to reach far to run both sides of the press. It’s been a nice upswing for us. The ability to form and fixture-quench the part at the same time has eliminated three steps from our production cycle.” -Doug Bruce, President and Owner, Osmundson Manufacturing Co. Read More

7 Presses – An Arsenal of Forming Equipment – Aerospace Manufacturer

“This seven-machine project is a terrific example of Beckwood’s ability to solve our customers’ 360- degree manufacturing challenges,” said Beckwood President, Jeffrey Debus. “Our specific experience with aerospace industry forming applications and diverse engineering and manufacturing capabilities make us an ideal single-source supplier.” Read More

Rubber Pad Forming – Milford Fabricating

“We run anywhere from 30 to 40 different part numbers on the press in a given day,” said Joe Connolly, Operations Manager at Milford. “We estimate we are saving 20% or better in production time for each part.” Read More