Quick Facts
Type of PressGib-Guided Bulge Forming Press
Tonnage2,500 Tons
Special Features8-Point Gib Guidance System
Large Bed Size
Precise pressure & positional control
Quick Die Change System
ChallengeImprove part quality and repeatability.
SolutionThe programmable controls on the press provide precise pressure and positional accuracy and repeatability over ram position movement and ram force. Pressure and force accuracy can be controlled within +1 percent, and position can be controlled within + 0.002 inches.
ChallengeFacilitate quick die changes.
SolutionThe press features a quick die change system with infinitely adjustable die consoles and pneumatic die lifters in the bed.
ResultsThe new 2500-ton bulge forming press has increased Fike’s productivity and enabled them to expand their product line.

FF Journal Nov. 2016Fike Corporation, a globally recognized supplier of precision-engineered solutions for fire protection, pressure relief, over-pressure protection and pressure activation needed a custom solution to accommodate their growing product line.

The relationship between Beckwood and Fike spans more than a decade and includes four custom hydraulic presses: a 1,400-ton hydraulic press in 2005, 25/250-ton tandem press in 2010, 30-ton press in 2013, and 470-ton press in 2014.

When they needed a new machine to accommodate their expanding product line, the choice was easy. Efficient large product tool handling, better part quality, repeatability and an advanced control system were some of the challenges Beckwood had to address to meet Fike’s exacting prerequisites for its newest equipment purchase.

In April 2016, Fike installed their new Beckwood 2,500-ton bulge forming press featuring an 8-point gib guidance system and a large bed. The press holds an American Society of Mechanical Engineers third-party test lab certification and is authorized to use the U and UD stamps in accordance with ASME’s Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The programmable controls on the press provide precise pressure and positional accuracy and repeatability over ram position movement and ram force. Pressure and force accuracy can be controlled within ±1 percent, and position can be controlled within ±0.002 inches.

Fike uses its array of Beckwood presses to produce medium-sized to massive pressure relief and explosion protection units.

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