Quick Facts
Type of PressTriform Deep Draw 610-20-3SC
Max Chamber Pressure20,000 PSI
IndustryConsumer Electronics
Forming Area6" X 10" Oval
Lower Punch Force125 Tons
Lower Punch Stroke3"
Draw Depth Capacity3.5"
Max Punch Tool Diameter3" X 7" Oval
ChallengeEliminate the expense and damage caused to parts from mated dies.
SolutionTriform's flexible rubber bladder acts as the female portion of a mated die, requiring only a single male tool to form a part. This single tool technology eliminated the expense, and the soft rubber bladder allowed parts to be formed without surface damage. The parts can even be formed with the protective plastic coating in place.
ChallengeReduce expense associated with waste.
SolutionThe Triform's precision forming abilities allowing control of the bladder pressure and the punch position gave this manufacturer the ultimate in precision repeatability - eliminating guesswork and unnecessary scrap.
ResultsThis electronics manufacturer was able to slash tool expense by 70%, reduce material springback, cut waste, and eliminate secondary polishing.

An electronics parts manufacturer had high per-part costs and unacceptable scrap rates while manufacturing both decorative and micro-sized electronic components. Each process required precision-manufactured tooling in order to prevent the mating die halves from pinching or marring the decorative material’s surface finish, and to maintain the tight tolerances required. Despite the expensive, precision tooling in use, the small nature of the components made mating dies impractical, and the metal-on-metal contact associated with the tooling required secondary polishing to remove die marks.

After moving production to a Triform Sheet Hydroforming press featuring a flexible rubber diaphragm, the manufacturer eliminated the high tooling costs and damaged surface finishes associated with forming their components with mated dies. The Triform even allowed parts to be formed with the material’s protective plastic coating intact. The uniform applied pressure of the “Universal Female” bladder improved the process by reducing material springback. And the ability to precision-control both the bladder pressure and punch position now allows the operator to vary the parts’ radii via the recipe, without a modification to the tooling.

Thanks to the Triform press and the single tool technology (rather than matched metal dies), the manufacturer slashed their tooling costs by 70%! Scrap has been nearly eliminated due to the precision repeatability built into the Triform system. Plus, there is no longer a need for secondary polishing handwork associated with forming their micro-sized or decorative trim components.


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