Quick Facts
Type of PressTriform Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming 16-10-10BD
Max Chamber Pressure10,000 PSI
Forming Area16" Diameter
Punch Stroke10"
Cycle Time15 seconds
ChallengeReduce tooling costs.
SolutionUsing the soft rubber bladder and single tool technology, sheet hydroforming presses reduce tooling costs 50%-90% compared to mated dies. Sheet hydroforming tooling can be manufactured from inexpensive materials such as 3D printed materials, epoxy, or even wood and typically has a longer life than conventional press tooling.
ChallengeEliminate the need for secondary finishing.
SolutionThanks to the flexible diaphragm, parts are produced with a smooth, uniform, scratch-free surface, typically requiring no additional finishing. By eliminating the need for secondary buffing, polishing and other hand work, labor costs are significantly reduced.
ResultsTheir lighting post tops now have a flawless finish as they come out of the Triform press due to the flexible rubber diaphragm which acts as a universal female tool. Production costs went from approximately $30.00/piece to $8.00…a savings of more than 70%!


A major American lighting company was faced with the constant repair and replacement of deteriorating molds used in the casting of post tops for outdoor lighting products. At around $25,000 each, replacement casting molds were expensive, and had a relatively short production life. During production, product quality would continuously and visibly degrade with each casting. Even new molds required secondary grinding and polishing to improve the parts’ surface quality, with this secondary work requirement increasing as the molds aged.

In an effort to stop the constant cycle of purchasing expensive replacement casting molds, as well as to reduce their manufacturing costs, this lighting company transferred production to a Triform Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming press. Now their post tops are formed in one single press operation, eliminating the casting, grinding and polishing processes altogether. By eliminating the need for hand finishing – caused by the marring and scuff marks left by traditional matched dies – labor costs are significantly reduced. Many parts can even be painted before being formed, without damage to the surface finish.

Thanks to their new Triform Deep Draw Hydroforming press, our customer no longer needs to stock the expensive molds that had originally been required to cast their products. Their post tops also now have a flawless finish as they come out of the Triform press, due to the flexible rubber diaphragm which acts as the female half of the tool. As a result, production costs went from approximately $30.00 per piece to $8.00…a savings of more than 70% per piece!

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