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Beckwood 2 post press

Two-post hydraulic presses, also known as two-column hydraulic presses, are characterized by the two steel posts on the left and right of the forming area that offer guidance to the ram. These machines are composed of a crown weldment, ram weldment, and bed weldment joined together by the posts on either side. Hydraulic systems can be crown-mounted in certain instances but are often skid-mounted due to the limited space above the crown. Although access to the forming area is limited to the front and back, two-post presses are an economical choice for applications requiring less than 500 tons of force and a forming area smaller than 36 inches.

Beckwood’s 2-post presses require less frame steel to counteract the yawning that can occur with traditional C-frame presses, making them more cost efficient. Additionally the enhanced ram guidance offered by 2 posts minimizes deflection for a more consistent die alignment when compared to C-frame presses. For increased efficiency and precision, upgrade your 2-post press to servo-electric actuation.

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  • 125 Ton 2-Post Embossing Hydraulic Press for automotive, includes fast approach and retract modes, a bed extension for die removal
    125 Ton 2-Post Press for Embossing

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