Quick Facts
Type of PressHigh Temperature Hot Forming Press
Tonnage75 Tons
Special FeaturesHigh-Temperature Heated Platens
Automatic Insulated Doors
Active Leveling Control
Recipe Handling
Max Temperature16000F
ChallengeProvide even heat distribution across the platen.
SolutionEach heated platen features nine temperature control zones for ultimate temperature uniformity, while the press’ insulated door panels maximize heat efficiency by isolating the work area during forming.
ChallengeMinimize the effects of off-center loading.
SolutionBeckwood’s proprietary Active Leveling Control System uses a closed-loop control to monitor all four corners of the press ram, maintaining a 0.002 in. tolerance corner to corner. With this technology, the press is able to intelligently, automatically maintain precise bed-to-ram parallelism.
ResultsDucommun is able to run nearly 60% of its parts on the Beckwood press. Part quality and repeatability have been excellent, but the biggest gain is that they now have the available time and capacity to make more of the parts their customers need.

Ducommun engineers and manufactures a variety of components for commercial & military aircraft, helicopters, and space launch vehicles. They employ many unique manufacturing processes including hot forming/SPF, compression molding, stretch forming to make complex aerospace parts from a variety of strong, lightweight materials like composites and titanium.  1600 Degree High Temperature Hot Forming Press

Since 2006, Beckwood has supplied Ducommun with 10 hot forming/SPF presses to support their aggressive titanium-forming program.  Each press features heated platens with multiple zones of control for ultimate temperature uniformity up to 1600oF. Automatic, insulated doors and bed shuttles were also included on several machines to improve Ducommun’s operational efficiency.

Beckwood utilized their proprietary Active Leveling Control System (ALC) in order to minimize the effects of off-center loading during operation. The ALC system uses closed-loop controls to monitor all four corners of the press ram, maintaining a 0.002” tolerance corner-to-corner.

“It’s something we hadn’t used before, so we were excited to have the technology,” says Joshua Frank, Manufacturing Engineer for Ducommun. “The feature gives us an advantage if we are dealing with part geometry that causes the load to be slightly off-center.”

Variable ram speed control, PressLink remote support module, and programmable controls with recipe functionality all add to the flexibility of each machine, allowing Ducommun to more efficiently form their current and future family of parts.

“Part quality and repeatability have been excellent so far,” says Frank. “The biggest gain of course is that by adding these presses we now have the available time and capacity to make the parts our customers need.”

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