At Beckwood we understand the ripple effect unplanned press downtime causes to a production facility. Decades ago, the first custom hydraulic presses Beckwood engineered and built were for our own internal use. Because we were responsible for the maintenance on those machines, we put significant thought into engineering systems that facilitated simple service and routine maintenance tasks. To the benefit of our customers (and our Service & Support team), we’ve held on to that perspective.

Proper hydraulic press maintenance is essential for safe, efficient, and reliable operation of the press, as well as for ensuring a long service life and minimizing costs associated with repairs and downtime. To maximize your press’ performance and uptime, we offer several ongoing Preventive Maintenance Packages for each hydraulic machine we sell. The services included in each package are performed by factory-trained Beckwood technicians and can be customized to your company’s specific needs. Visits can occur quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on your needs and maintenance budget.

While on-site at your location, Beckwood’s Service Technician will conduct a comprehensive press inspection, perform scheduled Preventive Maintenance tasks and make essential repairs. We have a 5-point inspection program which includes detailed analysis and Preventive Maintenance of your press’ Safety Systems, Structure, Hydraulic System, Electrical/Controls Systems and Overall Performance. After each Preventive Maintenance visit, Beckwood will submit a complete inspection report (including the oil sample analysis results) and any recommended actions for improving system performance or durability.

Beckwood also offers a Pre-Preventive Maintenance System and remote support which help to further eliminate unplanned downtime. These systems send automated warnings, reminders, and reports to the user of the press as well as other team members such as maintenance, plant managers, or operations staff.

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