42-in. diameter deep draw sheet hydroforming

St. Louis, MO – Beckwood Press Company, a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic and servo-electric presses and the Triform line of specialty forming equipment, has expanded its sheet hydroforming product line with the introduction of several new deep draw models. The 20-10-10DD, 25-10-12DD and 32-10-12DD models represent a tremendous amount of knowledge gained over the past decade of hydroforming press manufacturing and include several key advantages over other available forming equipment.

“Over the past several years, we intently listened to our customer base and the market in general,” said Bob Blood, Triform’s Technical Sales Manager. “The resulting BD models represent a consolidation of that feedback, with several important built-in advantages that separate these models from everything else that’s come before.”

Improved Cycle Time:  Updates to the pressure containment system have resulted in significantly improved cycle times while maintaining the same ‘Infinite Life’ structural standards to which every Beckwood press is manufactured. The ‘block design’ containment strategy has been in use by Triform for years, on their smaller 12” and 16” deep draw presses, as well as the full line of fluid cell presses.

Integrated Tool Change: Every new deep draw press comes equipped with Triform’s efficient and ergonomic tool change system that greatly reduces changeover times. A cartridge-style chamber is conveyed through the rear opening of the press, presenting the blank holder and punch to the operator. An optional t-table allows the operator to stage a secondary cartridge (including the blank holder and punch) for even faster tool changes. The system also allows the press to quickly convert from a deep draw configuration to a fluid cell configuration, for shallow forming without the need for a moveable punch tool.

Reduced Footprints: The new models are configurable, giving the customer options for either a horizontal layout (with the hydraulic power unit positioned to the side of the forming chamber) or a vertical one, which features a crown-mounted HPU. For those with limited floor space, the vertical configuration is with a pit is a viable option.

Like all Triform models, these presses include precision pressure and position control with built-in recipe handling capability, Triform’s proprietary ‘In-Sight’ feature, and the PressLink remote support module. Additionally, all Triform models are compatible with existing hydroforming tooling. With many manufacturers operating outdated hydroforming presses from Cincinnati and Verson, the seamless accommodation of existing tooling is critical.

“We are thrilled to see our new deep draw models gain such a fast adoption in the industry, by organizations operating at the highest levels,” said Blood. “These new Triform models allow our customers to reduce set-up times, scrap rates and in-process adjustments. We didn’t invent the sheet hydroforming process, but we re-invented the way the process works for our customers!”

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