Triform 32-10-12BD deep draw sheet hydroforming press with tool change system

The Triform 32-10-12DD deep draw sheet hydroforming press features a deep 12-inch depth-of-draw with an incredibly large, 27-inch punch tool diameter and precision forming pressure up to 10,000 PSI. This pressure is evenly distributed across an expansive 32-inch diameter forming area.

The 32-10-12DD provides all of the must have features associated with the Triform family including the proprietary “In-Sight” tool which allows for physical inspection of a part mid-cycle and an integrated tool change system to reduce die changeover times. This tool changer can also include a shuttle and T-rail so operators can stage and move multiple tools simultaneously with little effort. These features are designed to help decrease forming times while increasing output for operations with high-mix, low-volume production.

This deep draw sheet hydroforming press offers the simple operation and maintenance for which Triform is known. Additionally, you know your investment is solid and designed for optimal uptime because it comes with PressLink for remote factory support and is backed by Beckwood’s industry leading service and support.