Triform 20-10-10BD deep draw sheet hydroforming press with integrated tool change system

The Triform 20-10-10DD deep draw sheet hydroforming press features a 20 inch round forming area and an incredibly capable 10,000 PSI of pressure. This deep draw press has a 10 inch punch stroke and 15.25 inch punch tool diameter. Allowing it to draw a multitude of parts.

The 20-10-10DD provides all of the “standard” luxuries of the Triform line including Triform’s proprietary “In-Sight” feature for physical inspection of a part during the forming sequence; but the most valuable feature of this press is likely the integrated tool change system which allows quick tool change-over. This change system can include a shuttle as well to help move multiple tools simultaneously. These features are designed specifically to benefit operations with high mix / low volume production.

This deep draw sheet hydroforming press is easy to operate and maintain. You will have worry free ownership knowing your equipment is backed by Beckwood’s industry leading service and support and offers PressLink for remote factory support.