Triform Extrusion Stretch Forming Press in Action

St. Louis, MO – A U.S.-based market leader in the manufacture of aircraft structures, airframe assemblies and aerospace MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul), has ordered a seven (7) press part forming package from Beckwood Press Company. The comprehensive package, consisting of Triform sheet hydroforming presses, stretch forming machines and hot joggle presses, supports the customer’s mission of increasing its internal metal forming capabilities.

The sheet hydroforming portion of the press package features a Triform 2496-5FC Fluid Cell press with a 24” x 96” forming chamber for efficiently forming the user’s sheet metal aero structure parts. It is supplemented with (2) compact 24-5FC’s, each featuring 24” diameter forming areas, intuitive controls and fast cycle times for increased productivity, with reduced maintenance requirements. Each Triform uses a flexible diaphragm to shape sheet material around male form blocks, or into female cavities, resulting in high-performance forming capability, with dramatically decreased tooling costs.

The two (2) 20 ton capacity extrusion stretch forming machines are designed to stretch and contour aerospace alloys into a variety of roll formed profiles. The stretch forming process can typically create net shape curves in a single step process which traditionally would require multiple hits with traditional press forming methods as well as hand finishing – considerably reducing production costs.

The two (2) hot joggle hydraulic presses are designed to form parts which require multiple bends, often in opposite directions. As with the sheet hydroforming and stretch forming machines, these joggle presses can form a net shaped part in a single step saving time, helping to eliminate waste and reducing skilled labor.

“This seven-machine project is a terrific example of Beckwood’s ability to solve our customers’ 360-degree manufacturing challenges,” said Beckwood President, Jeffrey Debus. “Our specific experience with aerospace industry metal forming applications, and diverse engineering and manufacturing capabilities, make us an ideal single-source supplier,” he continued. “Beckwood’s technicians worked with the user’s team during the specification phase of the project in order to ensure the supplied equipment aligns perfectly with the organization’s goals, including customization of both the stretch forming machines and hot joggle presses to maximize effectiveness,” Debus concluded.

The presses, which will be installed beginning in late-2014, will support the supplier’s major in-house assembly programs directly, thereby minimizing sub-tier supplier issues and maximizing the organization’s manufacturing flexibility. Included in the package are several supplementary items aimed at increasing efficiency, and the uptime of the equipment. These include on-board Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), complimentary remote factory support and Preventive Maintenance (PM) performed by factory-trained Beckwood personnel on the user’s factory floor.

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