Beckwood's Pre-Preventive Maintenance Program is the Future of Machine Intelligence

St. Louis, MO – With the goal of eliminating unplanned downtime, Beckwood Press Company has developed Pre-Preventive Maintenance (PPM) technology which utilizes integrated machine intelligence to monitor the performance of Beckwood-manufactured equipment and automatically alert key personnel as to the system’s status.

Beckwood’s PPM System relies on closed-loop monitoring to perform real-time analysis of press health, including alarms & warnings, pump efficiency, safety systems status, oil health, filter status, valve performance, and more. When acceptable operating parameters are breached, notifications are displayed via the HMI. At regular intervals, a report of the press’ performance is automatically generated and emailed to key stakeholders as well as to Beckwood’s service technicians. This automatic, early-warning system allows Beckwood press users to identify potential issues before unexpected downtime occurs, granting them the ability to schedule press maintenance when most convenient.

“Beckwood-manufactured presses are often critical path pieces of equipment,” said Beckwood president, Jeffrey Debus. “Our customers can’t afford unexpected downtime, and the advanced monitoring and reporting features built into our PPM technology directly address that issue. Performance issues can now be addressed proactively, before they impact production.”

Beckwood’s PPM system also automates factory-recommended maintenance by keeping an on-board calendar for both preventive maintenance and safety system checks.

“Once a week, the operator is instructed to complete a mandatory verification to confirm that all integrated safety devices are functioning properly,” said Debus. “This is a quick, two-minute process that doesn’t impede production, yet provides operators and managers a certain peace of mind that the press systems are functioning as intended.”

When the factory-recommended 6-month and 1-year maintenance is due, the operator is led, step-by-step, through the required maintenance tasks, confirming through the HMI that each has been completed successfully. If the recommended maintenance is not performed on schedule, automatic reminders are provided periodically on both the HMI and via email.

“Beckwood’s PPM system will have a positive impact on anyone concerned with press productivity, safety and protecting the capital equipment investment made by their organization,” concluded Debus.

Learn how PPM helped one manufacturer to eliminate unplanned downtime