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Built for Life.
Built in the USA.

Every Beckwood and Triform press is designed, engineered, and built in the USA at our 55,000+ sq. ft. headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Our commitment to manufacturing in the U.S. spans four decades and has resulted in the safest and most reliable presses in the world. View our company video

Latest News from Beckwood Press

Discover what’s new in the world of hydraulic presses, servo-electric presses, and metal forming.

  • Beckwood to build 1500-ton hydraulic stamping press for Hendrickson USA that wil ... MORE
  • Beckwood is now offering all-electric linear servo actuators on any hot forming ... MORE

Customer Case Studies & Success Stories

Explore our biggest and most recent customer success stories through the lens of the problem solvers at Beckwood.

  • A global manufacturer of transformers needed to repair and relocate a 10-year-old press. After only 3 weeks, the customer received a re-built press with several major upgrades to ensure continuous production and reliability for years to come. MORE

Discover Servo-Electric Press Technology

LSP and EVOx Servo Presses

Hydraulic presses may be at the core of what we do, but Beckwood is more than just a hydraulic press manufacturer. Today, servo presses are becoming increasingly popular in both high-precision and more ‘traditional’ hydraulic press applications alike. To deliver better performance, better reliability, and better daily efficiency for your pressing needs, Beckwood proudly presents our servo-electric presses: LSP and EVOx. With these dynamic machines in your arsenal you can save time, money, and manpower every single day.

Explore TRIFORM Fluid Cell & Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming

Engineered for Aerospace & Defense

Sheet hydroforming is an essential process for low-volume, high-mix part production. Going beyond traditional press equipment, Beckwood has the expertise in specialized military and defense forming equipment thanks to the ingenuity of our TRIFORM Engineers. Beckwood has produced deep draw sheet hydroforming hydraulic presses for rapid part prototyping, production of high-performance aircraft parts for the defense sector, and military manufacturing of aerospace engine parts.

What Makes Our Presses Beckwood Tough?

At Beckwood we don’t compromise when it comes to personnel, engineering standards, or manufacturing processes, and our stringent quality requirements resonate throughout our supply chain. Utilizing an expansive network of trusted suppliers and distributors ensures that only the best components are sourced for every press we build.

We use Six Sigma and 5S Lean Manufacturing Techniques to optimize our quality control process and improve the consistency, reliability, and efficiency of every press we build. Our Quality Management System allows us to measure process variations, develop new systematic procedures, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction with presses that are built to last.

Our machines aren't just durable; they're Beckwood Tough.


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