hot forming LSP machine

St. Louis, MO – Beckwood Press Company is now offering all-electric linear servo actuators on any hot forming or superplastic forming press up to 500 tons.

Utilizing Beckwood’s patented LSP™ technology, new hot forming and SPF presses have an all-electric option that eliminates the need for traditional fluid power systems. Additionally, existing hot-forming presses can be retrofitted with linear servo actuators to reap the same benefits of a new servo machine at a fraction of the cost.

Because LSP™ systems are fully electric, users are able to experience a simplistic design with up to 80% fewer components than hydraulic presses. Eliminating the hydraulic power units and associated components makes these systems safer, quieter, more efficient, and free of leaks—eliminating the risk of part contamination due to pressurized oil. By reducing the number of moving components, electro-mechanical presses are also easy to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot. In fact, Beckwood LSP™ presses run for millions of cycles before maintenance is ever required.

Tonnage monitoring and overload protection are standard on these machines, and extreme bed-to-ram parallelism is a byproduct of the technology. The intuitive programming and cycle parameters offer the highest degree of flexibility in configuring speeds, pressures, positions, and recipe creation. The programming infrastructure offers full control with strict part traceability while monitoring key components to ensure system health and party quality.

“Gone are the days of placing pressurized hydraulic systems above high-temperature pressing ovens,” said Beckwood President, Jeffrey Debus. “Linear servo actuation is the future of heated presses because it’s safer and easier to maintain, and Beckwood is excited to be the only OEM offering this technology on both new machinery and retrofits of existing hydraulic and mechanical systems.”

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