Quick Facts
Type of Press4- Post Hydraulic Assembly Press
Tonnage360 Tons
Scope of Work• Replace damaged cylinders
• Replace lubrication system
• Re-build press
• Verify operation
ChallengeMount the crown over stripped post threads.
SolutionDamaged post caps were reparied using threaded rods that were then welded in place.
ChallengeReduce press installation time.
SolutionElectrical connections in the main enclosure were replaced with quick-disconnect fittings, and the press was shipped to the new facility fully assembled.
ChallengeRelocate the HPU further from the press.
SolutionExisting hydraulic hoses and electrical cables were replaced to increase lead length.
ResultsAfter only 3 weeks, the customer received a re-built press with several major upgrades to ensure continuous production and reliablity for years to come.

A long-time Beckwood customer and major supplier of liquid-filled and dry-type transformers needed to relocate a ten-year-old press from their manufacturing facility in Missouri to a facility in Virginia.

Not knowing where to start, they attempted to disassemble the press using their own internal resources. At 23-feet-tall and weighing over 40 tons, this massive assembly press proved to be more than the customer could handle. After damaging two cylinders and realizing they did not have re-assembly instructions, they called Beckwood for help.

Beckwood’s expert Service & Support team analyzed the press’ major systems and components and developed a detailed action plan to minimize downtime.

In just three weeks, they replaced the two damaged cylinders and the automatic ram slide lubrication system, welded threaded rods to repair two of the posts, increased length of the HPU hoses, switched electrical connections in the main enclosure to a quick-disconnect system, and repainted the entire machine.

Once the repairs were complete, the press was re-assembled and tested to ensure all systems were working efficiently before shipping to the customer’s new facility. Upon installation, a Beckwood technician performed final tonnage tuning and testing on-site.

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