• Hot Forming/SPF

    Beckwood manufactures hot forming and superplastic forming (SPF) presses to withstand and thrive in the demanding conditions associated with forming aluminum, titanium, and other high-strength materials. During the hot forming process, both the tool and blank are heated to high temperatures up to 2,000°F to increase the plasticity and elongation characteristics of the material. This introduction of heat allows high-strength materials to be formed at significantly lower tonnages when compared to cold forming operations. This is ideal since parts formed in this manner experience limited spring-back and residual stress. While some similarities exist between hot forming and superplastic forming, the SPF process has its own unique characteristics.  SPF uses extreme temperatures in conjunction with argon gas to form high-strength alloys... Read more » Read More

  • Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Hydraulic Press

    Taking care of your hydraulic press with preventive maintenance measures can be the single most important factor in increasing your machine's uptime and overall life. Simple preventive maintenance measures can insure your press operates optimally as long as possible. Read More

  • Beckwood to Manufacture 1,000-Ton Compression Molding Press for the U.S. Army

    Beckwood to manufacture a 1,000 ton compression molding press for the U.S. Army which will be used for research and development of new ballistic composites. Read More