Triform 610-20-3DD deep draw sheet hydroforming press

The Triform 610-20-3DD is the most compact deep draw sheet hydroforming press in Triform’s line-up, boasts a flush floor design, and offers the highest forming pressure available. This press comes standard with 20,000 PSI. It offers a 6″ x 10″ oval forming area with a draw depth up to 3 inches. These characteristics make it perfect for the formation of small parts as often needed in the medical, electrical, computer and aerospace industries.

The 610-20-3DD is a deep draw sheet hydroforming press offering all of the “standard” luxuries of the Triform line including simple programmability, recipe handling, and the ability to perform as a fluid cell sheet hydroforming press when the punch is removed. Like the other Triforms, it is backed by Beckwood’s industry leading service and support and offers remote factory support.

If you are drawing small parts from strong materials such as titanium, this is the optimal deep draw press for your operation.