Triform Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming Press Model 16-10-10BD with optional tool changer

The Triform 16-10-7DD deep draw sheet hydroforming press offers a 16 inch forming space and an incredibly capable 10,000 PSI of pressure. This machine includes a 7″ punch stroke and 12″ punch tool diameter.

The 16-10-7DD deep draw machine provides all of the “standard” luxuries of the Triform line including the ability to function as a fluid cell press; and Triform’s proprietary “In-Sight” feature for visual and physical inspection of a part during the forming sequence. Additionally this model can come equipped with an optional tool changer. These features are incredibly valuable to operations with high mix / low volume production.

Like the other Triforms, this machine is backed by Beckwood’s industry leading service and support and offers PressLink for remote factory support.