St. Louis, MO – Beckwood, the leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses, automation systems, and next-generation Triform Deep Draw and Fluid Cell sheet hydroforming presses, has expanded its Triform product line with the addition of a 10,000 PSI Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming press, featuring a 20” diameter maximum blank size, 10” draw depth capacity and an integrated tool change system for fast change-over.

The new Triform Model 20-10-10DD is a perfect solution for manufacturers looking to increase productivity and maximize efficiency. With cycle times under 45 seconds and an efficient quick tool change system, this compact deep draw press allows manufacturers to form large parts within a relatively small footprint – without altering their facility’s foundation.

“Hydroforming presses are quickly becoming the go-to solution for complex forming challenges, and Beckwood’s Triform presses are on the cutting-edge of this technology,” said Triform’s Technical Sales Manager, Bob Blood. “In the manufacturing industry, speed and accuracy are critical. Our Triform model 20-10-10BD is a game-changer, offering tremendous forming flexibility, in a fast, compact design.”

The 20-10-10BD benefits from all of the same technologies which have made their other Triform Deep Draw presses an industry standard for high-performance forming & drawing operations. Precision diaphragm pressure and punch position control, combined with built-in recipe handling capability, offers significantly increased forming proficiency in an intuitive package. For fast, cost-efficient new part development, the 20-10-10BD features Triform’s exclusive ‘In-Sight’ feature, which allows the press to be paused and opened at any point in the forming cycle to allow for a visual inspection of the forming process. And the structure itself – which is engineered for Infinite Life – features a horizontal layout for a reduced footprint and ease of maintenance.

“The design of the 20-10-10 model offered decades ago by Cincinnati, quickly became one of the more flexible configurations in the hydroforming marketplace,” continued Blood. “With that in mind, our team was strongly motivated to not only offer our partners a compact 20-10-10BD solution, but also allow existing Cincinnati users the ability to make a smooth tooling transition, from their aging equipment, to the modern era of advanced Triform technology.”

As is the case on Triform’s other deep draw hydroforming presses, including their 25” and 32” models, the 20-10-10BD can be configured to utilize the majority of existing 20” deep draw hydroform tooling.

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