Presslink remote support module

St. Louis, MO – To further enhance service and to support offerings, Beckwood Press Company has announced that all new machinery will include a PressLink remote support device to connect Beckwood engineers with presses in the field for fast, easy troubleshooting, maintenance, program updates, and training.

PressLink is integrated into the press’ control system and connects via a standard internet connection to allow Beckwood service technicians to access the press system remotely in real time from any location. The module includes stringent internal network security and can be accessed ‘on request’ or ‘always on’ per the customer’s specifications. If the press’ operating parameters fall out of the ideal level, a Beckwood engineer will receive a notification and begin troubleshooting. Additionally, PressLink can facilitate program updates and distance learning, saving the customer time and associated travel costs.

“At Beckwood, we understand the crucial role our machines play within our clients’ operations,” said Beckwood president, Jeffrey Debus. “Consequently, we are continually striving to eliminate unplanned downtime and facilitate faster, easier maintenance for our machines. With the inclusion of PressLink, all key stakeholders will see less disruption and the fastest factory service available today. When used in tandem with other advanced technologies, like our PPM system, Beckwood machines provide a distinct competitive advantage.”

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