Triform 20-10-10BD deep draw sheet hydroforming press with integrated tool change system

St. Louis, MO – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), a premier research and development institution for science and technology applied to national security, has awarded Beckwood Press Company a contract to manufacture a Triform deep draw sheet hydroforming press. The Triform model 20-10-10DD advanced forming solution will accommodate a 20-in. diameter maximum blank size, 10,000 PSI of forming pressure and features a maximum draw depth capacity of 10 inches. The press is currently scheduled for installation in the spring of 2016.

“The new 20-10-10DD builds on the numerous successes of the Triform deep draw product line,” said Beckwood president, Jeffrey Debus. “In addition to well-established accuracy and repeatability, the new 20-10-10DD features improved cycle times and an integrated tool change system for fast changeover. We’re excited that this latest generation of our proven deep draw technology will now be used within an institution such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for their important research and development efforts.”

The Triform 20-10-10DD utilizes specific technologies to facilitate new part development. An intuitive control system allows the user to quickly and accurately control both punch position and diaphragm pressure for up to 30 individual recipe steps per cycle, which can then be saved alpha-numerically and recalled in future use. Triform’s In-Sight Feature allows the operator to pause and open the press at any point during the forming cycle, facilitating visual inspection of the forming results to more quickly zero in on the ideal recipe.

With the goal of eliminating unplanned downtime, Beckwood will include a Pre-Preventive Maintenance (PPM) system which utilizes integrated machine intelligence to monitor the performance of the press. This advance-warning system provides owners the ability to schedule downtime for maintenance when it is most convenient for internal production schedules rather than learning of maintenance requirements after downtime has already occurred.

To further accommodate LLNL’s requirements, Beckwood offered a flush-floor design option that eliminates the need for a pit or special foundation, as well as configuring the tooling attachment portion of the press to accommodate LLNL’s existing Cincinnati hydroform tooling. 

About Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:

For more than half a century, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has strengthened the United States’ security by developing and applying world-class science, technology, and engineering. As a national laboratory, LLNL focuses on several specific missions, including biosecurity, counterterrorism, defense, energy, intelligence, nonproliferation, and weapons. 

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